Thought of truffles, thought of chocolates Bonn!


what we do



Importing and exporting for restaurant and supermarket is our specialty. We are authorized by Nestlé, Pepsico and Yoki just to name few. We carry an extensive line of  products including beverages, coffee, candies, specialty soft drinks and many more to better serve you.
With talented and experienced associates present in various states of U.S. we are be able to handle all size of orders. For more information about our services, please call us or email us. We'd love to do business with you.

We offer a complete solution:

  • Door to door services
  • Freight forwarding
  • Insurance Services
  • Detailed import and export documentation

Who we are

ACROSSMAP is a registered business with the State of Texas USA. With more than 10 years of experience in importing and exporting. We proudly serve the portuguese-speaking community in the United States with products from their home country.

Today we cater to all aspects of the Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian products from various countries in South America and Europe. 

These imported products are distributed throughout the United States.


Made by hand, with attention, affection and the best cocoa produced in the fertile lands of Brazil, Chocolates Bonn brings within himself superior quality and taste. Delicious truffles, produced to please the most miscellaneous palates, since the most simple to the super refined. The preparation process cares about the details, making the act of eating chocolate an unique and unforgettable experience

Want to Sell Açaí?

Açaí, the berry of the berries...Açaí has all the vitamins and minerals of most fruits, including fiber, calcium, iron, lipids, protein and phosphorus but also boasts a range of unique plant chemical compounds found in no other fruit on the planet that can remove destructive free radicals from our body. Among açai’s many antioxidants is one particular powerhouse called anthocyanin, which is suspected to be the driving force behind açai’s free-radical and age-fighting powers. It’s common in fruits with rich red and purple colors, like grapes and berries, but açai has far more than any other food. açai’s ORAC level (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is over 3,500, which is hundreds of times higher than your average fruits like apples and bananas.

Also, it might surprise you that the little açai berry packs more grams of protein than an egg, and when combined with its host of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, acai has been shown to improve consistently your health.The State of Pará situated northeast of Brazil is responsible for 90% of the world’s acai production.

The local population consumes approximately 70% of the entire production the other 30% goes to the rest of Brazil and other countries like US.

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